I care for a trustworthy collaborative autonomy in dynamic, interactive, and adversarial environments. I care for impact on safety-critical applications that necessitate this goal, such as:

  • multi-target tracking, search and rescue, and persistent monitoring/surveillance;
  • safe navigation of self-driving vehicles in crowded cities or extraterrestrial environments;
  • failure-prone/attack-susceptible satellite networks and flying multi-rotor vehicles.

To this end, I aim for a technological convergence between:

  • “cyber” capabilities for a distributed intelligence, driven by online learning for perception, (inter)action prediction, planning, and control, and
  • “physical” capabilities of novel self-reconfigurable aerospace systems.

I build on tools of learning, perception, control, as well as, of combinatorial, non-convex optimization, and of computational complexity, with the goal to:

  • identify fundamental optimization limits;
  • develop provably optimal algorithms;
  • build novel robotic platforms;
  • apply the research outcomes.


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